Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic Media Blasting

The PMB process economically removes without damage, many coatings, residues, contaminants, burrs, and flash from a wide variety of substrates. The process employs specially designed equipment which propels and recovers sharp-edged non-toxic plastic granules. Using proper technique, the combination of low operating pressures (10 to 40 psi), soft plastic particles and high flow rates permit rapid removal of paint and other coatings from thin steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites, urethane, hard dense woods, and other substrate materials without warping panels or damaging surfaces. Clad, anodized, galvanized and phosphate coatings are left intact.

The PMB method is a proven environmentally responsible alternative to chemical stripping. In many cases paint can be removed layer by layer down to the base substrate or to the primer coating. Lead and plastic body filler can also be left intact and ready for painting.

PMB Benefits:

Paint is readily removed from antique cars, trucks, undercarriages, frames, and aluminum components.

Can strip paint and surface coatings from fiberglass, carbon graphite, epoxy, and other resin rich components without bloom or fiber damage.

Carbon deposits and paint can be easily dry stripped with no wear to critical mechanical dimensions, including aluminum parts.

Readily cleans molds used in rubber, plastic, glass, and die cast molding without affecting surface dimensions. Edges are not reduced, mold life is prolonged, cracks in molds are not smeared over, and flash on parts is reduced.

Paint stripping from aluminum, fiberglass and dense hardwoods. Rapid removal of dried barnacles.

Removes most types of paint from typical aircraft substrates while leaving surfaces intact. Also employed on a wide variety of off air-craft components.

Can be substituted for chemical stripping. In many applications, major time savings can be realized. Effective on most paint systems including powder coating.

Removes light flash from cast components without affecting critical surface dimensions.

Effectively removes flash from parting lines on thermoset plastic parts. Removes surface anomalies without damage to the part.

Removes light burrs from components while maintaining integrity on finishing parts.

Etching circuit boards before printing, pre-laminate roughening, pre-paint surface prep on plastics.

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Soda blasting can...

- remove a single layer of paint
- remove bitumen
- remove carbon and grease
- restore aviation parts
- remove paint and varnish 
- remove concrete 
- remove grease and oil 
- be great for crack detection

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