Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is an alternative form of paint removal.As well as being environmentally friendly, soda blasting is surface- friendly. Read more...

Plastic Media Blasting

The PMB process economically removes many coatings residues, contaminates, burrs, and flash from a wide variety of substrates.Read more...

Garnet Media Blasting

Garnet, due to its unique shape, serves as a dual purpose media.  Mined in Australia, it gets processed into several different mesh sizes.Read more...

Glass Bead Blasting

Our blasting media is an engineered "sandblasting" media manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass.  Read more...

NZ Media Blasting - Your Multi Media Blasting Specialist

Why Soda Blast?

NZ Media Blasting is proud to offer a vast number of inexpensive substitutions to degreasing, chemical cleaning, chemical coatings removal, restoration and protection. Our specially designed 100% food grade baking soda is delivered to a surface by means of LOW PRESSURE compressed air at high velocity.
The soft, sharp granules of the baking soda are used to clean, degrease and remove paint or graffiti from many surfaces WITHOUT or very minimal to no damage to the surface including bearings and seals. Many other methods such as water blasting, sand blasting or chemical cleaning, are too abrasive to the surface and are not environmentally friendly. These methods can also be hazardous to the user. Soda Blast your item today!
NZ Soda Blasting uses blasting media that is 100% food grade, biodegradable, non toxic, non hazardous, non sparking, non flammable, water soluble, odourless, eliminates odours, non irritant to the eyes and skin, non corrosive and mould resistant.


Does Soda Blasting damage the surface?

Soda blasting can be applied to numerous surfaces. These include glass, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, brick, steel, concrete and natural stone (sandstone, lime, marble) to name a few.
Soda blasting causes very minimal or no damage to the surface. In certain cases we are able to do selective paint layer removal taking only top coats off while leaving the undercoat in tact.
We are even able to remove paint from an aluminium soft drink can without damage to the can. Unlike sandblasting, garnet blasting or bead blasting, Soda blasting creates very minimal or NO heat which ensures the shape and strength of the surface being blasted.

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Soda blasting can...

- remove a single layer of paint
- remove bitumen
- remove carbon and grease
- restore aviation parts
- remove paint and varnish 
- remove concrete 
- remove grease and oil 
- be great for crack detection

We specialize in...

  • SODA blasting
  • PLASTIC blasting
  • GARNET blasting
  • GLASS blasting
  • GLASS BEAD blasting

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